What's next?

Apple Inc tends to be miles ahead from technology companies with products such as the Ipod. Yet, with all the new accessories, I look forward to the June frenzy with the iPhone. The iPhone will combine a mobile phone, an iPod and internet communications device, all into one small lightweight handheld device.

Anyway I came across this new iPod accessory which begs me to ask, what's next? LOL! Anyway this new product might tantalize the ladies! Long gone are the days of just listening to your iPod while running on treadmills, or jogging through neighborhoods, searching on the web or driving in your car. You can now commit to a sexual relationship with your iPod. Hmm!

It's 1.5" in diameter. It does more than just play music; it can shake, buzz and moves to the beat of each song. ... Introducing "OhMiBod", the iPod vibrator.

Here are some of my friends' reactions:
"A lil' on the thin side ... dont u think?"
"Smiley face ... YAY!"
"Then there is no need to cheat!!!! LOL!!!"

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