about the MO hawk

I was checking out profile pictures on Hi5 when I came across a picture of a fellow St.Lucian. I thought her hair cut was most original! ... Against the grain, especially for black hair. So I had to ask what inspired her.

This is a young lady who'd like to meet David Beckham & Lance Armstrong. So let me introduce you to SUE.

"... About my hair quite simple! I use "Dove New Nouveau" shampoo & conditioner. Last but not least, "Garnier Fructis" leave-in conditoner, then I blow dry straight, then flat iron and I'm out the door. This hair cut is the coolest because there is nothing to it but the right person with the right attitude to rock it ... lolol for real!

What inspired me was my trip to Canada. The only people I saw with this hair-do were the White and Asian men ... (Yes it is or was a design for men) so I was like back in the Caribbean, we don't walk around looking like that, so why not go back home with something different .... !"

See sexy Sue ...

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  1. This is my Sis, I'm Proud.. I always said you rock your Mo Hawk.. U always make yourself Look the Bomb and Any trend you bring out just fits you..
    KEEP IT UP!!!