Stephen Marley's album "Mind Control" continues the successful pattern that caught fire with brother Damian Marley and his 2005 hit "Jamrock," which Stephen co-wrote. First single "Traffic Jam," featuring Damian and a mean beatbox beat, is an undeniable party track. "Inna Di Red" is a quiet cut that showcases Marley's textured vocals over conga drums and a light organ. The estranged Mos Def pops up on "Hey Baby" for a verse, while Marley explains why he's free from his baggage. The 11 songs here are half features and half just Stephen. But the collection's guests don't overshadow Marley or convey that he needs their appearances to sell records. "Mind Control" is a genuine jam session, mixing roots, reggae, rock and flamenco into commercially viable dance joints. Source: Yahoo

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