Carol's Daughter - Mimosa Hair Honey

I love Carol's Daughter for its scents ... the hair products, the lotions and the shower gels. Yet, I have to recommend the 'Mimosa Hair Honey'. Since using 'Mimosa Hair Honey', I have seen much improvement in my hair, considering that half my hair is au natural and the ends are texturized. Usually during the winter months ... I'd wet my hair every day to comb! No longer! Now I can untangle my hair without wetting it and my hair has such a nice sheen. Try it!

Detailed Description
If you want your hair to shine, bounce and smell WONDERFUL, you've got to try Mimosa Hair Honey. Naturally colored with annatto seeds and alkanet root, this product controls frizzies and adds luster to all types of hair, while delivering a sweet citrus scent. While faithfully used by our customers with natural styles, this is also an excellent pomade for permed hair. Controls frizziness and adds luster.

"I love the way my hair feels since i started using the Mimosa Hair Honey and Khoret Amen Hair Oil." - Cyndi Woodyard

"I use Mimosa Hair Honey after I wash and blow dry my hair. I apply it to each section of my hair before I use the flat iron. It makes my hair soft, shiny and healthy looking."
- LaShelle London

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