Charm School ... VH1 the new MTV

Thirteen of your favorite breakout stars from "Flavor of Love" seasons one and two are back for some heated competition. A new FoL spin-off Flavor of Love Girls: 'Charm School' starring Mo'Nique is set to debut April 15, at 10 PM.

It's time for the girls of Flavor of Love to clean up their acts. Comedian-actress Mo'Nique will whip the notoriously finger-waving, weave-swinging, expletive-spewing, booty-shaking, attitude-having reality show vets into shape as headmistress of a school for etiquette on the Celebreality series. Per the press release:

Upon meeting them, Mo'Nique lets them know that their Flavor of Love stardom has also turned them into walking punchlines. "America wasn't laughing with you," she tells them, "they were laughing at you." Under Mo's tutelage, the Flavor of Love cast-offs will be trained in proper etiquette and have their social skills challenged to test their self-confidence, composure and grace. The one left standing will receive a $50,000 prize.

The Charm School contestants, as pictured above are: (Top row, L-R) Like Dat (Flavor of Love 2), Rain (Flavor of Love 1), Buckeey (FoL 2), Saaphyri (FoL 2), Goldie (FoL 1), Buckwild (FoL 2), Hottie (FoL 1); (Bottom row, L-R) Toasteee (FoL 2), Bootz (FoL 2), Krazy (FoL 2), Smiley (FoL 1), Serious (FoL 1) and Pumkin (FoL 1).

If the photo is any indication, this show will be amazing. It's like The Facts of Life on Alize! Vh1

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