Gourmet Dinner with Friends

Do you enjoy global cuisine? Host a dinner party with friends and recreate the authentic foods you enjoy, wines and customs experienced, even from past travels. Make a seat at your dining table the most sought after reservation in town. Throw a themed party; "Best of the Global Kitchen", "Iron Chef" or "To Thai and Back." It's a wonderful way to eat gourmet foods and a good excuse to drink with friends!

Maybe each person could bring a dish, maybe guests could bring the wine or liquor. Make it an affordable way to dine!

Select a few friends (4 to 6) who like to cook and are good at it. Have each person take responsibility for some aspect of dinner; the venue, the dinner, the liquor, the drinks, even the entertainment. Go the gamut and have a 5 course meal. Every month, select an ingredient that must be included in each course (dessert does not count). Even assign someone to cook each dish and rotate each month. Rotate who even gets to host the dinner party.

Don't forget it has to be affordable for all involved! It's a great money saver to enjoy delectable dishes but it also allows people to put all their focus on one aspect of the dinner party instead of being responsible for it all.

Watch the Food Network, buy a recipe book for authentic foods you like or visit my favorite recipe website, All Recipes.

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