HBO presents "Life Support"

Queen Latifah and Jaime Foxx discuss their new release "Life Support" premiering on Saturday, March 10th at 8pm, only on HBO!

HBO: 'Life Support' is based on a true story?

Nelson George: 'Life Support' is based on my family's story. There are characters based on my sister, my mother even a couple of my nieces. But it's not just a family story. The issues that my family is confronting are American challenges. It's a story about the community of people in America who are dealing with the [HIV] virus. And not dying with the virus, but living with the virus. Very few movies have been made about living with it. The past continues to live with you. I think the true strength of the film is that it's about how difficult it is to forgive. Everyone in this film, for the most part, is engaged in the struggle for self-esteem; the struggle against AIDS; the struggle of life. Wendell Pierce plays a character who has the virus, but he has a couple of jobs and works in the grocery store. The women -- Sandra, played by Gloria Reuben, Andrea, played by Queen Latifah -- these are people who are doing things, who are building families, having a life. Maybe not in the best neighborhoods, but with a lot of dignity and a lot of class. It's not "the hood" movie; it's a working class poor movie. And that's a very important distinction. Source: HBO

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