I discovered an online website that I'm fascinated with recently! I am not a fan of 'gaming' but this is my idea of gaming.

Can you imagine shopping, sans spending money? It was a secret until I mentioned it to one friend, 'Hot Mama' (big mistake, hmm? ... LOL!) who then wrote about it in her blog.

Forget Oprah's latest secret, my secret is Polyvore.

(So written in the words of Hot Mama (Hot Mama's Guide to ... Life).

Check this site out. I PROMISE you, you will love it. I’m registered on the site as “dulce7″. Check out some of my outfits, or add me as a contact.

Show me what you got!

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  1. Yes, yes.. It was me. I am guilty of revealing the secret to the masses. But... its.. so..addictive!! *Runs back to Polyvore to make more outfits*

    -P aka bigpas1 aka HOT MAMA ;)