SHE Caribbean Magazine

Every 2 months, I'm so excited when I receive SHE Caribbean Magazine in my mailbox (in Vermont). Just tearing through the outer plastic can make any cold day ... suddenly warm! It's fire!

SHE Caribbean is printed and published in St. Lucia (my home country. my birthplace, etc, etc), West Indies for Caribbean women EVERYWHERE (available worldwide through subscriptions). Don't be disheartened if you're not from the Caribbean ladies ... all women will enjoy this magazine. It's all about an 'exotic lifestyle'.

Why you should consider subscribing to SHE Caribbean:

No other magazine appeals as directly to the modern Caribbean woman - educated, whether single or married, hustling to maintain a home, a family while even holding down a full-time job.

The Caribbean region comprises people of diverse races and cultures. Together we are a colourful, interesting mix. SHE Caribbean reflects the faces and the spirits of all Caribbean women.

SHE Caribbean celebrates women's achievements while highlighting their struggles, their suffering, and prejudices we face.

SHE Caribbean is a beautifully designed magazine that insists on the highest standards of photography, hard hitting editorials on fashion, beauty, health and inspiration. We are fun - yet very serious!

It has helped launch the careers of some Caribbean Models; Nadine Willis, Jaunel McKenzie, etc.

SHE Caribbean is the only magazine with a direct line to the region's women, a growing and increasingly powerful, affluent section of our region.

SHE Caribbean truly is in sync with the Caribbean woman.

No other magazine in the region is as dedicated to the development and promotion of the Caribbean woman.

March/April edition: Cassie on the cover.


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