For Baby ... Lil' Swimmers

My daughter has been a lil' swimmer from 3 months old. I posted about the perfect float back then, 'For Baby ... Baby Spring Float'.

Here's what going to the beach now looks like. We have to constantly hold her. She does not like stones beneath her feet.

Lately, at 18 months ... she feels she's outgrown the Baby Spring Float. She is ready to swim! She will have to wait months until the summer months when I can register her in baby swimming classes. I ordered these 2 products in the hope that it will be a steady progressive swim trainer.

Pool School Deluxe Swim Set $19.95
The Pool School Set is a 3 step progressive swim trainer program focused on safety awareness to help kids develop water confidence and improve swimming skills. Pool School swim trainers are designed to match child's age and level of ability. You gradually advance your baby from one level to another once they master and feel confident with their current level. The swimming pool lasts many years from infant to big kids ages 1 - 6+. The set includes the following items:
1. Deluxe Baby Float Pool School Step 1 for Ages 1-2 years
2. Swing Ring Pool School Step 2 for Ages 3-6 years
3. Swim Vest Pool School Step 2 for Ages 3-6 years
4. Roll Up Arm Bands Pool School Step 3 for Ages 3-6 years
5. Kickboard Pool School Step 3 for Ages 4+ years

Tweety Arm Bands $2.95

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