Designer SwimWear

Is it going to be another crazy summer; by the pool, going to the beach, boat rides, maybe even foam fetes? LOL!

So just imagine, my fright when a friend joked that she and I could possibly show up in the same swimwear later this year.

This is what happens when Victoria's Secret is the main avenue for affordable online swimwear. We are tagged on Facebook in the same bikini. Thankfully, she was in Jamaica and I was in the Bahamas. Only the next time we meet, we will both be on the same island, probably on the same limes (hangouts). LOL! What a nightmare ... it's like walking into a party and someone having on your very dress. Oh no! We're certainly not the 'double-mint twins'.

So the thought, got me online browsing ... and now here are some fantastic designer swimwear for 2008. Certainly, not what I'd like to spend on swimwear ... but hey, a woman can dream! LOL!

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  1. can any one tell me what are the names of the models.
    Suit Name:
    "Just Married , Just Divorced"