Makeup Facial Contouring

Makeup Facial Contouring:
Contouring is the most powerful makeup tool for apparently altering the features of a face. Photographers, take for granted that they do that with light and shadow; emphasize a strong feature, hide a weak one in shadow but makeup can produce similar effects.

The principle of the technique is simple: light colors (highlights) tend to come forward, dark colors (shadows) recede. Highlights should be applied down the bridge of the nose, on the forehead and chin, along the cheekbones, just under the arch of the eyebrow and under the eyes. Shadow should be applied along the jaw and hairline, feathered into the hollows below the cheekbones, and on the temples.

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So if you want to “lower” a hairline, darken the foundation as it approaches the hairline. If you want to narrow a nose, darken the sides of the nose and lighten the bridge. If you want to hollow out the cheeks, darken the cheeks just above the chin line. This must be subtle, of course, or it looks “painted-on.” But skillfully blended, the effect can be remarkable.

I love these personal tutorials from YOUTUBE, especially because they are made by everyday people.

How to Contour Your Face to Look Skinny & Defined Makeup Tutorial by xXsaturniceXx:

Contouring Cleavage (I found this and thought it very helpful too. LOL!)

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