Sean John - If I Were King

Mr. "NO BITCHASSNESS" a.k.a Sean P Diddy Combs, returns to MTV in the documentary 'If I Were King'.

The hour long documentary is a behind the scenes look at clothing line, Sean John's Men Collection Fall 2008 venture to New York Fashion Week.

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Diddy and his collection return to the runway for the first time in five years, slated to be one of the most anticipated shows. Diddy also featured the first all-black model cast in New York Fashion Week history.

The theme for the show was the "The Story of a King".

The Sean John preview was a blitz of men's fashion, from stylish sweaters to suits to casual wear, featuring mostly muted gray and black tones and tailored cuts.

Tune in on Wednesday, April 9th @ 10 PM (EST).

I can't wait to see you on my screen again! I LOVE U, DIDDY!

Watch Full Show here: If I Were King

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