St.Lucia Carnival 2008: Red Int'l Meeting Info

Today, Red International had their first band meeting.  Thankfully, I was not kicked out, especially since members are aware that I am jumping with Just 4 Fun.  

Red International's 2008 theme is "Simply Beautiful" which is St.Lucia's marketing slogan.  The band has 8 sections:

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Simply Tropical (St.Lucia's lush beauty)
Simply Delicious (St.Lucia's food)
Simply Spectacular (St.Lucia Jazz Festival)
Simply Breathtaking (St.Lucia's Fish & Sea Life)
Simply Romantic (St.Lucia's Beaches)
Simply Traditional (St.Lucia's Culture)
Sunset (St.Lucia's Sunsets)
Simply Fiery (The Fiery Nature of St.Lucian People)

The SIMPLY FIERY Section is an exclusive section of mature and qualified revelers.  
Head of Fiery Section: Lyndon Arnold  

Costume Prices: EC$475 - EC$525
PAY IN FULL before Sunday, 1 June 2008, here are the discounted rates:
If costume costs EC$475, pay before June 1, only EC$430
If costume costs EC$495, pay before June 1, only EC$455
If costume costs EC$525, pay before June 1, only EC$475

Minimum deposit to register is EC$150. First come, first served!
Revelers will enjoy in 2008 on the road:
2 Wet Zones
1 Foam Machine
Expect 2 More Surprises
2 Music Trucks

Music by The Spectacle Band - Nicole David

Head of Security: Mr Gus Small (Department Director of Bordelais Correctional Facility
1 Lock-Up Van will follow the band and deviants will be arrested if need be, until Wednesday morning!


  1. aa!! Lock-Up VAN!!!! bondaye....allyuh trouble makers look out!!!

  2. Xcuse my language Nyree but I think the prices are f***ery and insane! Why the hell they giving the masqueraders prices like it's Black Friday shopping "Get 50% discount before 12"???? This is the first time I've ever heard a carnival band did this in Lucia.

    However if I were to jump in this band I'd make sure I pay them prices b4 June 1st!!! Thanks for the valuable info, it seems like they're snails when updating their site!

    So I guess either the Spectacular or Breathtaking is the 1 from Ronnie and Caro right?? And LOL @ the Lock up van. What's in store next year, wee wee toilets and powder room? Peoples, leave that s*** for TnT.

    Thank you very much.

    Love Nicky

  3. And btw, if I was a wishful masquerader I'd refuse to adhere to these, and I think others should do the same so they can see what they're doing is madness. Lose some profit, don't buy anything after June 1 you know? (LOL am soo horrible!)Nevermind the 2nd paragraph on my previous post. But alas,

    1)It's your choice
    2)You have other varieties
    3)People would do anything to be in the "IT" bands in St. Lucia and would love to feel like 'the shit' on the road.

    I hope that Mosiac band have pretty costumes. Did you get a chance to see any of them or @ least the sketchings Nyree?