Collie Buddz is coming to Burlington, Vermont!

Higher Ground is a venue that hosts diverse acts in Burlington, Vermont.  The club has two different rooms, the larger Ballroom and the smaller Showcase Lounge. With the Ballroom and Showcase Lounge, Higher Ground is essentially two clubs in one.

When hip hop or reggae artistes perform, I am usually there, to represent (the latter). The venue is small enough that the acts on stage almost feel like they are within reach!  I have seen Rupee, Jimmy Cliff, Beres Hammond, Maxi Priest, Sizzla, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Matisyahu, Jimmy Cozier and so many others that do not come to mind! One time, I had tickets for Nas but did not make it back in time to Vermont for the show.  Damn!  In a few weeks, there are two concerts with Method Man & Red Man and Wu Tang Clan

Months ago, I asked for Collie Buddz by using the "Recommend a Band" on the Higher Ground website.  That's when "Mamacita" was popular!  About 3 weeks ago, I was chatting with my friends' room-mate and in our conversation, he mentioned that he worked with Higher Ground. 

I did not hesitate to tell him my likes, wants, slight dislikes, etc about the club. LOL!  And I told him, I requested Collie Buddz, to no avail but before I knew it, Collie Buddz was on the Higher Ground calendar. In the new year, after my St.Lucian christmas holiday and the warm Caribbean weather, I look forward to a Collie Buddz performance on Friday, January 30th at Higher Ground.

Since Collie Buddz appeared on the Higher Ground calendar,  I recommended a Jamaican artiste that I would love to see on the Higher Ground stage in the future.  LOL!  I even contacted the artiste on MySpace and told him my desire to see him in my state and gave him information about Higher Ground. LOL! Now, the artiste gave me the best compliment, "Ok my agent, good looking hope I get to meet you if i come through!" He even gave me his email address so that I can add me to my instant messenger.  Wow ... If it's all so easy, I suggest everyone to just drop a note to any one you like! LOL!

So on this 25 degree temperature day ... I'll warm up with this video, Mamacita by Collie Buddz!
Mamacita - Collie Buddz

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