Trinidad Carnival 2K-Wine on my mind!

Trinidad Carnival is months away and I have now finally committed to shaping up! Every year, as Trinidad Carnival draws nearer, the thoughts of carnivals past has me smitten!

Saucy of Trinidad Carnival Diary posted The Carnival Baby’s Christmas Wish List. I loved numbers 3. Fete Tickets to the hottest Carnival fetes. Extra points if you score tickets to D Vale Breakfast Party, Beach House and Brian Lara & 10. BRING BACK THE STAGE.. maybe this should be #1 on the list!

D Vale Breakfast Party was my first breakfast & best fete during my Trinidad Carnival 2008 season. There was something about waking up to go to a fete around 4:30 on an early Sunday morning, with good food, drinks, music and company, then to see the sunrise and wonder if "I applied my makeup properly/decently!" LOL!  Then consider a mix of alcohol, soca, sun, the sprays from the water hose and the thought of only hours till we jump in the streets of Port-of-Spain ... the bacchanal takes over! LOL!

... And to think when D Vale is over at midday, it's off to "The Prince of Port-Of Spain," retired West Indies cricketer, Brian Lara's All Inclusive fete at 2PM. Only two hours to get home, to maybe take a nap, then dress and out the door again!  ... And although I did not arrive in Trinidad, in time for Beach House, my male friends thought it was hot.  Most likely 'cause of the women at the party! LOL!

...And like Saucy, "Please, please bring back the stage!!!"

Trinidad Carnival the only place on earth that takes me ...

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