My Hong Kong Trip in 2005!

The video for "Let Me Love You by Schiller Ft. Kim Sanders" reminded me of my February 2005 trip to Hong Kong. This was written in my Hi5 journal. Although I no longer write in my Hi5 journal since starting The Sweet 7, my Hi5 journal was very raw and personal at times. Below is the journal entry about my trip to Hong Kong, written on Feb 17, 2005 4:31 PM.

Now, I'm on another adventure in the eastern part of our world, Hong Kong. Ok, so I hardly gave myself time to recover from Trinidad, maybe for the most 24 hours and we were off again! One word ... sweet!

I like Hong Kong maybe even a little more than Sydney, Australia. Reason: Sydney was stush all over which was fine with me but Hong Kong is a mix of all worlds. Hong Kong has the bustling city life (expensive luxury shopping and financial centre) to really small quaint rural life (fishing villages with no cars).

Hong Kong is every thing like the movies. The blinking Chinese signs (GREEK to me!), streets of eateries with fascinating foods, I rather not eat! The food may be dead or alive. It may have six legs, or a big head, or slimy or black! You get the point! I love sweet and sour but no sweet or sour pork or chicken for me!

Garments, especially underwear are strung out and left to dry, from towering high-rises. I thought, how easy to pick a suitable mate. Just look up into the sky from the streets and pick the style or color that was most appealing to you. Then simply knock on the front door from which the appealing underwear hangs. LOL! As we walked through the markets below, there was a dampness and stench. I joked from all the hanging underwear. … And to imagine the drips from the wet clothes up top, dripping into the food below.

Fascinating still are the subways, ferries and buses. Basically 4 main subway lines will take you just about anywhere, in any direction. Rush hour brings the sound of music to the subway. There’s a constant beat/rhythm on the tiles from heels and boots. Shoes! All I could do was listen. The Chinese do not linger. They walk so quickly that as a tourist enjoying lounging strides is almost a guilty pleasure. Then the steps to exit the subways, a leg ache. By the end of this trip, I don't think I could make it up another flight of steps.

The Hong Kong malls only provide luxury designers. The PRADAs and GUCCIs, etc. I can't afford such, I’m a NO-BRAND NAME kind of girl. Let me shop in the stores that afford me ten items for my hundred dollars. My shopping rules are stay far away; 1) if the store has less than three people and 2) if the clothes are extremely neatly folded, forget it ... you can't afford it.

The malls are nothing like American malls. They are luxurious, futuristic, exceptionally clean (the floors gleam). Do not even talk about the bathrooms (above counter sinks, automatic flush, automatic everything). One mall had a pianist, playing while people shopped. There are flat screen televisions in malls, subways just like in the movie "The Fifth Element".

We decided upon a walking tour of Lamma Island, enticed by the island cause it is known for its fresh seafood. Lamma Island is the third largest island in Hong Kong. We took a thirty-minute ferry to Lamma Island. Once there, our starting point was the village of Yung Shue Wan “OVER A GENTLE SLOPE” according to the guidebook, to the final village of Sok Kwu Wan.

The guidebook stated, “Trails meander along hills and coastline. Our walk leads from north to south, linking the 2 main villages. GENTLE CLIMB but the hike can be completed in a leisurely couple of hours.

When we started, it all seemed enticing since Sok Kwu Wan fishing village promised some of the best fresh seafood. Little did we know, the climb was a heaven of a climb. It forced me to strip to cool off; I needed to rest and a drink of water once half way through the climb. It was a killer. Anyway all that aside, we reached Sok Kwu Wan. The seafood was the best I’ve had to date. I also drank from the biggest Heineken bottle that I had ever seen. Sok Kwu Wan felt homely, we were chilling, even tried jasmine tea, reminding me of glade plug-ins.

“Sh*t, it's five to four o’clock, get the bill, our ferry departs at 4PM!” So we never got a chance to say a proper good bye. We were running through the one trail through the restaurants of Sok Shu Wan to catch our ferry. With a huff and a puff...we made the ferry just before it set off to the mainland.

The best part and also disappointing, The Giant Buddha! The world's tallest, outdoor, seated bronzed Buddha statue, set amid spectacular mountain scenery on the 520 meter high Ngong Ping Plateau.

So I saw the Giant Buddha but in mist! As an Indian chief once said, "BIG JOKE, NO LAUGH!" Seriously, if I lost my husband that would have been it, cause we could not see 10 feet ahead. The fog, mist was so thick. Although this was supposed to be a temple and religious grounds, I felt like I was in some scary movie. Maybe … “THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY!" It was like a scene from a Halloween party. The chill in the air, the scent of what soon became choking incense and the stillness of the place itself. I wanted the bustling city ASAP! On the bus ride through the hills from the great Buddha, I pondered Buddha must have been unhappy and chose not to reveal himself today.

It reminded me of my trip last year to the Temple by the Sea, Trinidad. The Temple by the Sea was awesome. I was speechless, except I commented on how I intensely felt an almighty spirit there. There was a wonderful God in the air. Every thing was just so calm, tranquil, serene, peaceful ... the air, the waves, the sky, the temple. Sewdass Saddu laid one stone, one boulder at a time during low tide, till he finally built the temple out into the water. Talk about fortitude.

So today another 16 hour flight, another longest travel day of my life. We soon travel over the international date line. Off to San Francisco, I love that city. It reminds me of The Rodney Bay Marina (St.Lucia).

Pictures of my trip to Hong Kong