Soucoyan - Alwyn St.Omer's New Graphic Novel

“Soucoyan” A Graphic Novel

A Treat in St Lucian Mythology
The Soucoyan according to fable, is a lady of the forest who bursts into fire after possessing her victim, usually some poor soul unfortunate enough to get lost in the forest after dark. The story revisits some of the classical Creole characters and scenarios from the fast disappearing, oral storytelling traditions, of St. Lucia. Some of these characters include, Papa Bois, Mama Dlo and De Bolom among the more scary figures, fearfully whispered about in the country-side by candlelight, or by a bonfire, not so long ago, when we were children.

Publisher: WAKONTE Comic Books
Size: 10.249 inches by 7.25 inches
Cost: US$20 Plus Shipping and handling
Alwyn St.Omer

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