Renee Milford - Makeup Artist

I am yet to meet a Trini(dadian) that I do not like or admire ... LOL!  So ladies, especially Caribbean ladies, it's time to get acquainted with Trinidad & Tobago makeup artist, 

Renee is a freelance makeup artist who specializes in Airbrush Makeup application. Renee thoroughly enjoys working with people to create the perfect look for weddings, carnival, graduations, fashion shows and media.

Renee has been busy working on this photo-shoot with Tampa-based photographer Janelle La Fond and model Candice (seen right).  ... And she finally got some "me" time, to answer a few questions.

How did you get started?
From as far back as I can remember, I always liked doing my own pedicures and making homemade face masks & scrubs and trying them out on my neighbour but my interest in makeup only came in around 2005 when I got a good deal on a bunch of makeup from the US and decided to retail these items to family and friends. Here and there I did some application and realised how easy all of it came to me so I made a natural progression from selling makeup to applying makeup. In 2006 I attended some makeup courses both in Trinidad and New York and the rest is history!

What made you start a makeup blog?
Initially when my main website, was done in 2007, the designer Raymond included the To be quite honest I totally ignored it, I even thought it was a waste of time. Then blogs became rather popular and I soon morphed into a blog junkie, constantly checking out updates from various blogs.  I soon realised that this is a perfect little tool to share information and showcase some of my work.  My main challenge was to start posting, which only happened on New Years Day 2009, from there my resolution was made ... never let an entire month pass without posting at least four times.  I purposely set a low post standard so I won't mess up.  So far so good.

Tell us a lil' more about the
The blog is my little area for expression, I love makeup but I digress a little bit.  I've got a friend who writes lovely little articles so I put a link to her work for reading entertainment.  It's my intention to post general information on weddings in Trinidad, casting calls for models, good deals for beauty products and more.  Right now I'm most excited for a little online makeup competition - Animal Instinct that I started in an attempt to get makeup artists and aspiring makeup artists in Trinidad to express and showcase their talent.

What inspires Renee Milford?
Girl, I'd have to say texture more than anything else, I mean fabrics, beads, fruits, flowers etc. This is more important to me than color.  I also keep up to date on makeup trends in US and see how they can be interpreted to suit the Caribbean woman.

Renee's Video Tutorial & Tips for Eyebrows


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