Inexpensive Ways to Get Bikini Body Ready!

It's time to get swimsuit ready, Carnivals & Summer are fast approaching!  ... And bodies like this inspire me.

The 4 problems that concern us most are the abs, butt, arms & shoulders and hips & legs. Not to worry, though. Each of these zones can be improved upon with careful attention to diet and regular exercise.

Here are some cardio exercises to enhance those spots "not yet fit for the beach:"
Abs - Flatten the abs with aerobic dance exercises that include bending and twisting.
Arms & Shoulders - Work arms and shoulders by using a dual-action elliptical trainer, the kind where you move both arms and legs.
Hips & Legs - Whittle down your hips and legs by taking spin classes.
Butt - Choose cardio exercises such as running or walking – or use a stair climbing machine.

My favorite overall body workout is Pilates. It will strengthen and lengthen the entire body, with a focus on abdominal strength.

Inexpensive Ways to Workout at Home:

Photo Source: Carnival Nationz

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