St.Lucia Carnival 2009: Red Online Registration

I got an interesting email from Red over the weekend. ... And this is remarkable, to say the least. It appears in St.Lucia's most popular bands, gone are the days when revelers can wait till the final hour to register. 

"The management of Red Carnival Band is appealing to its regulars to make contact with your section leader to register as soon as possible. We are presently experiencing a rush on the band by new and overseas revelers who are desirous of "jumping with RED" this year.

Though we have attempted to reserve spaces for our regulars, due to the high demand we can no longer afford to do so. Online registration will be up and running shortly and when this occurs we expect that the band will be sold out. One section has already been closed and we expect two other sections will be before the next band meeting on Tuesday."

UPDATE: Section Leader (I believe),Trevor Silvanus King is urging RED revelers to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE EC$495 SPECIAL BEFORE MAY 31ST 2009 . Register today 758.716.7895

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