20% Discount Exclusive @ BKEnvy.com

Ok ladies, I've been slacking for some time. Yes, Halloween (I'll post pics and tell you what I did!) ... and now an upcoming trip for my birthday, I'm not sure what I'm going to give you. LOL! Anyway to make up for my naughty ways ... (you're gonna love me in a bit!) 

Thanks to a long time childhood friend Zanique, I have to tell you about this new store, BKENVY.com. These are fashion steals for hard to find women's clothing that show off the sexy back. 

... And I already know with a birthday 'round the corner, christmas, old year's night and carnival, it's time to step up the game and SHOP! LOL!

We don't have to take our clothes off, to have a good time ... LOL! 

Take advantage of the Sweet 7 offer of a 20% discount exclusive

Use code SEXY2009

(click on image for lager view)
... And BKEnvy.com and TheSweet7.com have a lot more surprises in store!  
*Whispering*  - "GIVEAWAYS!"

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