Beyonce "I AM" Tour in TRINIDAD

So I wake up real' early this AM, waiting to hear from my Trini friends and from other friends who stayed after carnival for the Beyonce "I AM" tour and opening performance by Trinidad's KING of Soca, Machel Montano. Of course, my friends, ain't wake up yet but Trinidad Carnival Diary's blog author, Saucy posted a review from another fellow blogger, Carnival Jumbie who attended, and her experience in VVIP, which costed a whopping TT1600 / US257 / GB167.

The hardcore review comes from Rachel Price, leaving me to say "OH ****!"

I took this picture while jumping on Carnival Monday!
Also I loved Rachel's review of Carnival Tuesday, a must listen too! Last year, I learnt never to wear bat wing eye-lashes again, cause a bit of rain fell and I went nearly blind. ... And this year, I opted to wear stockings, and boy did I have ladders. Anyway if my stockings were any indication of the fun time I had, then I have to say I had a real' good time on the road. Yet, I will remember Rachel's 2 stockings tip!




  1. I think Rachel was the best person to be honest about that concert. Cause honestly the time of year they brought beyonce was not great! At the start of lent!? As well as it competing with promotion space with Trinidad carnival as a Caribbean custom!

    Dont get me wrong I dont have anything against beywolf but... the "cheap catering" scenario was forseeable... Im so a a fellow Caribbean person RIRI wouldnt a charge so much! I guess to it had to do with the fact that she is huge but!!! its a time where people claim to be facing hard economic times... TT carnival is already and expensive experience... @ average 3000TT to hadda pay dem kinda prices....??? IS it me or TRINIS EH BROKE?!

  2. I agree with Layla. I appreciate the honesty of Rachel's review. I still love Beyonce though. The woman is really talented.