Black Girl With Long Hair

It's been weeks now that I've been considering an initial chop of my straightened hair. Now that carnival is over and summer is approaching, I'm itching to let my hair go free. Seriously tired of the ponytail/bun, I want my curls back, even if short! I want to coil my hair 'round my fingertips!

Waking up to a friend's FB post about "The History of Black Hair" does not help alleviate my thought processes either. With natural hair care sites, like CurlyNikki which I mentioned not too long ago, I'm so ready to take a scissors into my hands! is a site focusing on healthy haircare and styling for natural kinky, curly, coily heads. The site debunks the misconception that natural hair cannot be manageable without the aid of relaxers and that afro-textured hair cannot grow long.

This morning, I discovered Black Girl With Long Hair, an ever-growing community of black, Latina and multi-racial women who choose to wear their hair naturally — with minimal or no use of chemicals, heat, weave or extensions. With discussions on everything from styling and upkeep to the social implications of going natural. At the heart of BGLH are interviews with everyday (and some not-so-everyday) people who embrace the beauty of natural hair.

Simply tired of being predictable me!

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