Carnival Monday Wear 2010

I got tagged in a Facebook picture, with two St.Lucian friends, in an album from Renee (seen in the cap). Not knowing Renee, and totally inspired by a few of her pictures, I emailed her immediately asking if I could use a few of her pictures for this post. Here are a few of the looks from Carnival Monday Wear on the road this year!

Thanks Renee, for the pictures below. I loved these ladies.
The tallest young lady below, "TheNEWkaskas" is a friend of mine on TWITTER.
This is what inspired her, "I just really wanted to do something different. We were thinking Gaga at first then I kinda morphed into Grace Jones when I tried on the hoodie! LOL!"

The show stopper though was Nat's eye makeup of the St.Lucian flag!

Then this week, I saw this video, "Whatever You Want" by Consequence featuring John Legend and Kayne West and thought 2011! LOL! This video is sexy and hot! The more I watch it, forget carnival 2011, just get me to a beach some where!


  1. i never understood y no costumes on carnival monday. however, i loved the way these girls rocked their outfits, esp those 2 in the lucian flag and sexy yellow shorts. honourable mention goes out to the girl w/ hey eye shadow, now that is dedication! BIG UP!

  2. NO COSTUMES MONDAY unless you have 2 costumes. Do you really wanna stink up the costume and wear it again on TUESDAY, which is THE MAIN DAY!
    Besides, on Carnival Monday is the time when all those sexy pieces purchased from most of those stripper sites can be wore fearlessly without a pole :)