"Hunting" by Blaxx

Gosh, gosh, gosh ... my heart, body and soul recovering from Trini Carnival. I feel like 2011, can come now. Yep, real Post Carnival Depression (PCD). To relieve the sadness, my friends done book flights to visit me during D.C Carnival, the first of many for the rest of the year. LOL! So still real' sad that Trini Carnival is over, I'm loving the videos, of the songs which excited me on the road! Don't forget Blaxx rocked us in 2008 with Breathless and in 2009 with Tusty! In 2010, Blaxx was "Hunting," another of my favorites.

"Doh (don't) run, I coming for you!
Whole day I hunting, every night I hunting!
I see something in here that I want!

... Doh (don't) play no social, doh (don't) play ignorant!"

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