SUNSHINE's Makeup!

With a name like 'Sunshine' ... you know she is destined to make the world bright! I have always loved this young lady, (I was really going to say this little girl)! I knew Sunshine from the time she was a little girl, in St.Lucia. She was a friend, to another little girl that I knew, back when I was also a lil' girl. Sunshine has always been eclectic, even owning a vintage store in Miami, Florida. This vivacious spirit still has kept her childhood smile, a smile that I most remember her for! So now that she's all grown up, I'm drawn to her again ... you just have to check out her glowing skin and bold makeup!

What is your skin care routine?
Skin care routine: I don't really have one, I just make sure I moisturize every day morning and night especially around my eyes, nose, lips and forehead because those are the areas that you can easily see stress lines and you can never start too early keeping your skin looking young... also, if I don't get a chance to wash my face at night, I make sure to remove all my makeup with a wet wipe especially your eye makeup and moisturize.

Which facial products do you use?
I love proactiv. It's a great investment! I don't use it as consistently and in the order that it's supposed to be used in but I do try to use it because it keeps your skin fresh looking and feeling! (We have that in common, I too, never use it in that particular order. I use it alongside other products.)

Tell me about your makeup ...
For my makeup I believe in cheaper is better when it comes to certain things, for instance, eye shadows. Drugstores carry the widest variety of colors believe it or not! For essentials I use my product of choice, MAC for foundation, pressing powder and certain color lipsticks that I can't find anywhere else but drugstores are also good for lip colors. I do try to keep it clean. If I'm doing a strong lip then my eyemakeup needs to stay soft and clean but still with a little color because I do love color! A soft shadow for cheeks and mascara. Wearing less on your face surprisingly lasts longer when it comes to eyes and cheeks.... Less touching up as well! I always walk with two lip colors in my bag because you never know where you end up, one bold color and the other a much softer color!

What look do you usually go for?
I love lip color! I love bold colors whether its in shades of red or pink or bright fuschia but I love color! Also give me a good mascara and that's all i need! The one thing that i do love is my cocobutter chapstick! You can't get me away from that! It keeps my lips soft all day and before applying any lip color I need to apply my chapstick!

Where do you get your inspiration?
My inspiration comes from my mood! I always end up changing clothing a few times before leaving the house so I always put on all my makeup with just a simple light base for my shadow, once I have decided on what I'm wearing, then I finish my face with a complimentary eye color... never match your shadow to what you are wearing in a bold way... you always want to highlight your outfit color but never match it!

I notice you like pink ... any reason?
Pink is just one of my fav colors! No reason but I love pink! I think it's so feminine and girly! I was always a tomboy and never a girly girl but there's something about pink that no matter how you feel a touch of pink always looks great!

Do you have any makeup tips / suggestions?
Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! I can't stress it enough! Also my mom has always told me never to frown... just try not to because frowning really makes your face look alot older! I try so hard not to frown.... As far as makeup tips have fun with it! Don't be afraid to explore and be creative! Also, try changing your makeup up often especially mascara! Not because it lasts that long means you can keep it that long, its not good for your skin and sometimes the more you use something your body tends to get used to it and doesn't have the same result as when you first got it, you especially want to wash your brushes! I also like to have various brushes! You definitely need two brushes for your eye and one for your cheeks! I love having a brush on hand for lips because I tend to use alot of my shadows as lip color with a slight gloss on top and you have a color you created yourself!

Thank you, SUNSHINE!

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  1. I have ALWAYS heard about her Vintage Store in Miami (in the Design District?) but I haven't been able to find it!!! Any idea where it is?