Zionomi - Being Just A Friend Official Video

"That's where granny and grandpa lives?" my 3 year old daughter asks when St.Lucian reggae artiste, Zionomi's official video for "Being Just a Friend" popped up. Before she could walk or talk, she's been visiting the Gros Islet fishing village with her grandparents. She'll be there next week, while we're in Trinidad! You see, I've lived my entire life in Gros Islet, so it's a family ritual to go to the village to drink, like all the time. The village is a lil' fishing village in the north of the island. The village is popular for its Friday night street jam, where locals and tourists mingle. On a Friday night, it's all about loud music speakers, affordable barbecued food and drinks.
In 2008, I first heard "Being Just a Friend" on the Sunrise riddim while on a boat ride. Then in 2009, I was so happy when Zionomi featuring Bobby Bling made a video for his then release, "Who R U," because I felt he finally did what Ricky T should have done alot sooner for his hit, "Pressure Boom" which should have been to make a video. Slightly peeved, by Ricky T not seizing the opportunity to "VISUALLY put US ... ST.LUCIA" on the map, I felt Zionomi was trying and has potential!
And as I mentioned earlier in the S7 chat box, "more Caribbean artistes need to make videos." Certainly, the most recent Trinidad chutney videos have been entertaining. I'm not even asking for "BIG" or majorly expensive productions, yet not some of the junk which plays on TEMPO either.

Not only is the Caribbean a melting pot of people, music, cultures but our lives are rich and colorful! It's so striking! ... And we all can share and celebrate each other, 'cause our experiences are basically the same!

So once again, BIG UP to Zionomi, 'cause I really like your music and videos too! You represent not only our lil' island but our 'hood (constituency) too!

Zionomi ft Bobby Bling - Who R U
... and here is the OFFICIAL VIDEO for "Being Just A Friend"
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