Toronto Carnival: Carnival Nationz 2010 Model Search

Carnival Nationz presents "SPARROW ... D'Legend" in 2010

A long time friend to this blog, Professor asked me this morning in the S7 chat box:
What's your pre-launch Toronto pick Ny (my nickname)? CNz or TRIBE?

My response: I'm loyal to TRIBE in Trinidad but I am loyal to CNz in Toronto! Just like I am loyal to Generation X in Miami. When in Rome ...

So it's that time of year again, and Carnival Nationz is looking for male and female models to showcase costumes for their 201o presentation, "SPARROW ... D'Legend." Please send a face and bathing suit body shot to by March 20, 2010.

On a side note, CNz band leader and DJ, D Bandit did something that made him really stand out. It was during lunch on Carnival Tuesday in TRIBE. I had just finished eating, chilling and wondering how I would get the energy to start up again ... and out of the blue, I felt a tap on my boots. It was him, waving and smiling at me, already walking away to get back to the music truck! So I'm jumping with his band, CNz!

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