NYC Carnival Band KARMA comes to MIAMI Carnival 2010

Look out for the NYC Labor Day carnival band, KARMA section in Natural Freaks Unlimited for Miami/Broward Carnival 2010.

KARMA Carnival Band presents "RAGE" as part of Natural Freaks Unlimited portrayal of COLORS. Join the KARMA minions journey from NYC to unleash pure KARNIVAL KARNAGE on the streets of Miami.

Official registration for Natural Freaks Unlimited begins Tuesday, September 7th.  Pre-Registration for KARMA'S RAGE begins prior.  Stay tuned 'cause this section is going to sell out fast!

"We'll be getting on OUT"RAGE"OUS in RED on de road!"
That's my boy in purple, Claude!  

RAGE FEMALE 3 options: 
Standard $175
Upgraded Headpiece $200
Individual/Section Leader $300


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