Tinchy Stryder Ft. Taio Cruz - Second Chance (Official Video)

OMG ... it's 5:52 AM and I wanna cry.  All day yesterday, I was begging that Tinchy Stryder featuring Taio Cruz, 'Second Chance' get an official video. Not the bootleg Youtube pop ups. Even up till 11PM last night, I was still begging.

'Second Chance' has been bangin' in my car. I often make 20 song CDs for my car.  To make it to that top 20 list means the music has gotten my attention, especially since I listen to so much music but to have me play it over and over again, it's means it has struck a chord!

British hip hop vocalist, Tinchy premiered his latest video moments ago. To awake to an official video, it was heaven sent. I'm so thrilled that I'm sharing this without even having seen the video, as yet.  *Wiped tear*

The single will be lifted off Tinchy's forthcoming album “Third Strike” and features regular collaborator Taio Cruz. English singer, songwriter and music producer, "Taio is laying down some tight tracks," a FB friend said.

I posted the Taio Cruz featuring Ke$ha, 'Dirty Picture' video on my FB page, only to have that very friend say, "Too bad summer is done, seems too hot for winter. It's gonna be a hot winter then!"

... And I can't help but agree!

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