Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson Dies

My Twin! ♥
The one person i can depend on no matter what! Never thought that after i put up this pic he wud go so soon.... R.I.P Dad!... Love you always... u will forever be in my heart. - Oya Thompson (daughter of David Thompson)

This caption and picture of the late Barbados Prime Minister and his daughter Oya, warmed my heart. I had to post.

I love my father much too and some days I think of the day he may no longer be around.  Silence. 

When it comes to death, I find solace in believing, "God picked a flower from his garden!" I do not want to fear death. "When we lose a loved one, their physical body ceases but their soul and essence of who they truly are lives on. We are still able to connect with that consciousness of love." - Infinite Quest, John Edward (currently reading).

... But why wait for that moment, to be surprised and feel loss or regret?  Pick up the phone, say sorry, let go of any anger, find ways to say I love you ...  life is too short, but that's the beauty of it!

Mortality is actually a part of LIFE!

And one of my favorite quotes comes from Morgan Freeman,
To be good to life ... live it !

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