Generation X Miami Carnival 2010 Pictures

Ahhh, my Miami Carnival Band, Generation X has posted 2010 pictures!

2010 Theme: Cocktails

My Section: Blue Hawaii ... I called this my Lucian costume since the colors most reminded me of the St.Lucian flag colors. This section had quite a few St.Lucians and Martiniquans. BTW .. I lost my St.Lucian flag/rag, the accurate flag color is this light blue seen in the costume pictures below.  But my friend which I call, Clarke Kent, really was my Superman of the day ... he had an extra St.Lucian flag, the darker blue which he handed to me! I love the pics below, check the energy when we went in front the judges. ... And check me out in my wedges. LOL!  

Photo Source: Generation X

Breaking News
Generation X has been awarded
Winners of Male Individual, Female Individual, and Best Out of Town Sound
Clean Sweep!!!!

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