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To contact Radio St.Lucia:
Telephone #(off air): 1.758.452.2337  
Email :
Facebook Page:
*Text: 973 Digicel or 775 LIME
*However they are experiencing difficulties. Your best bet is to continue emailing RSL.
LUCELEC #: 1.758.457.4433
Trying to reach family members call cell phones, in case land lines do not work

Hurricane Tomas now a Category 1. At 11 a.m. EDT, Tomas was about 40 miles south of St. Lucia, moving west at 15 mph with sustained winds of 75 mph.

Recent Facebook/Radio Updates:
(please excuse my spelling of various areas, I'm trying!)
- "Plenty wind and rain!!!!"
- "...  just sent me a bb pic of a place in Corinth with the pole leaning over. I heard roofs are gone in Vieux Fort already and Micoud!!! Praying all is well. Look I just heard my mum say a tree fell on the Morne."
- "Ok Dennery Hospital's roof blown off!!!" ... poor Dennery took a battering in the last recent storm
- "TOMAS causing havoc in ST LUCIA. Wind gusts up to 65 mph"
- "Roof on Clendon Mason Secondary School, in Dennery is gone as well! The wind is really picking up now. Wow!! Howling!!!
- "No electricity down here! Tomas whippin us!"
- "Slow down. Accident by Castries Comprehensive School! UPDATE: Miss Flavien Cherry is OK.  The wrecker has taken her jeep now"
- "Tree fell on house in Babonneau. People were inside but got out safely!"
- "Looks like the eye of this hurricane is attacking the south of St.Lucia, Vieux Fort and the north of the island of St.Vincent both seeing the most damage!"
- "Thanks to the 4 young men, helping their community of Morne Du Don, going 'round with cutlasses, clearing up the roads so that traffic flows throughout their community."
- "Sugar City area, Bois D'Orange ... downed power line.  LUCELEC cannot come out now to fix.  Please be careful."
- "Down breadfruit tree in Ciceron."
- "Galvanize structure by Reduit Park, by old Volney Gas Station is breaking apart and in the highway.  Slow down on the Rodney Bay Marina, Top of The World, Mongiraud Hill ... gusts can cause you to spin off the road.  Gentleman seen 2 cars already spin out of control."
- "St.Lucie's Old Age Home - Women's Dormitory Roof has gone!" - Father Anthony
- "Vigie LightHouse / OAS office ... impassable due to downed trees."
- "Radio St.Lucia was the only radio station out of the many, up and running."
- "Philadelphia (Mole) Road, Anse La Raye ... down power line, LIVE WIRES!"
- "Down tree in Grande Riviere, by the Michelles and the river / another down power line with that tree. Family is blocked in."
- "Next ADVISORY at 2PM, last was at 11AM!"
- "Paix Bouche ... tree has fallen on wire and blocking road. No access beyond Plateau Gap. Do turn back."
- "Pattie Shack brought the radio personalities some warm patties.  They are now having lunch! God Bless!"
- "Miss MacFarlane  ... my old teacher too , calls to congratulate radio announcers on a very good job done and told them to enjoy their patties!"
- "Announcer - Mary's cousin, Barbara's roof flew off! - Barre De Nis"
- "Winds very strong in Forrestaire!"
- "Barre De Lisle completely blocked off ... that means the north and the south of the island are blocked off, via the eastern coast road! This area is known for its terrible landslides!"
- "Downed pole, lines in the road ... by the VIlla Hotel, by The Police Station"
- "Very windy in Millet ... roof blown off."
- Latest  2PM Advisory: Hurricane Warning remains in effect for St.Lucia.  Max Winds 75 mph. Center between St.Lucia & St.Vincent.  Local fisherman stay in port.
- "RSL promises to read the ADVISORY every half hour, until the NEXT ADVISORY!"
- "Dennery seeing less wind ... it's calm down.  Sounds like they're experiencing the center of the eye!"
- "Our Prime Minister is currently in Barbados for a gov't meeting. Acting PM is Leonard Montoute who spoke earlier."
- "Dat wind soo strong in Massacre like it ready to take off the roof I dere watchin the raffters moving from the concrete"
- "RSL seems to be having some frequency issues."
- "I am told that now the hurricane has started, now the worst of it is coming."
- "RSL is back up and running, I hear old school mate, Elra Ermay singing."

Recent Pictures:


Sandy Beach


Rodney Heights, Bonne Terre, Rodney Bay

Landslide in Sarrot

by Nick Pinnock

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  1. Despite it all I still say st lucia is blessed as things could of been worse it could of been like George when it hit grenada I've been praying all day and will continue