CANADA: How to Donate to the St.Lucian Victims of Hurricane Tomas

The Consulate General of St. Lucia in Toronto has been able to organize the delivery of donations that can be shipped duty free up until November 14 through shipping agents. You can drop off donations directly to Mr. Ken Chitolie and the good people of K.L.C Freight Services Ltd. Their contact number is 416 759 2736. Deliveries to KLC should be dropped off at their warehouse located at 50 Tiffield Road, Unit 15, Scarborough (the major intersection is McCowan & Finch) between 9:00a.m and 5:00p.m.

Or you can deliver the goods to the St. Lucia Consulate. The office is located at 65 Overlea Blvd., Suite 250 (the major intersection is Overlea & Thorncliffe Park Dr). For those taking public transportation, the office is accessible via TTC bus # 25 which runs south from Don Mills Station and also from Pape Station. The stop is at Thorncliffe Park East.

For those of you in another province or country, please contact your consulate as to how you can provide donations.

Or you can contribute to our collection and we will purchase the items and deliver to K.L.C Freight.

Check out the updated list of supplies needed:

Water (bottled and bulk)

Building materials & Supplies: Electrical Fittings (220V); Plywood; Lumber (all sizes); Nails; Silicon; Hammers Galvanize Chlorine Tablets/ Water Purification Tablets Generators Tarpaulins/ Plastic Sheeting Galvanized Sheeting Mattresses Cots Raincoats First Aid Kits

LIGHTS: Hurricane Lamps and Battery Operated Torch Lights [NO CANDLES]

Food Supplies / Kits:
1. Sugar 2. Matches 3. Flour 4. Milk 5. Rice 6. Oil 7. Batteries 8. Liquid Propane Gas 9. Infant Formula 10. Cereal 11. Pulses eg. Peas, Beans, Lentils etc. Cleaning Supplies/Tools 1. Garbage bags 2. Bass brooms 3. Scrubbing brushes 4. Mops 5. Mop buckets 6. Water Containers 7. Shovels 8. Rubber Gloves 9. Disinfectants 10. Axe/ Cutlasses with files/Chain Saws 11. Rakes 12. Water Hoses

Hygiene Kits
1. Toilet paper 2. Pampers [adults and children] 3. Tampons and sanitary napkins 4. Toothpaste and toothbrush 5. Antiseptics 6. Hand sanitizers 7. Washing Powder 8. Shampoo 9. Combs 10. Bath Soap 11. Soap Dish (Plastic) 12. Disposal Razors 13. Bath Towels 14. Hand Towels

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