CUBA for Christmas 2011 by Alice

Alice was one of two girls from Martinique, visiting St.Lucia christmas 2008. We had mutual friends and spent the day on St.Lucia's west coast in the Caribbean Sea, on the very blue and white speed boat from the Rick Ross "Speedin" video. Since then FB has kept us connected. It was also the day I met Skinny Fabulous!

I've mentioned Alice on this blog before, "X-Centrique Alice," simply 'cause I love her creativity, particularly when it comes to her photography. She has since started a fan page Alice Des Merveilles Photographies, admitting in her best english "I'm doing some baby born, family and wedding pics for the moment in Martinique and France but it would be a pleasure to take pics of baby or wedding, all over the world!!"

And as always, I love asking my friends to share their private lives with you. So when Alice posted her recent christmas album of CUBA, I hoped she'd say yes, I could share with you ... and she did.  

by Alice

Cuba was my xmas trip for 2011.

I was really excited to go there because I heard a lot of good things about this country!!

When the plane landed and I went out, I was surprised by the cold. I live in Martinique and when I think about another island, I think HOT...... But not.... It wasn't! Well, all my dresses and bikini had to stay into my suitcase!!

When we left the airport, a taxi came to us and offered to show us "La Vieja Habana".  It was as if we were mounted in a machine back in time and we were in the 1930s! Just crazy!! All those old American cars and the Spanish architecture. The people in the street selling some homemade food. And color everywhere.

We went walking by foot to meet people, taste mojitos and listen to some salsa in the street. We walked down the MALECON and we took some coco taxi or bike taxi, very typical!! 

We found a market place where they sold some vintage and old stuff like cameras, pins, phones, books and posters. It was amazing and I wanted to buy everything!!!!

One night we went to the opéra to see La Traviata!! Fantastic!! Thrills guaranteed!! After those few days in la Vieja Habana, we went to Varadero. A place for tourists with turquoise water, sun and mojitos. It was very beautiful to take some pics of this amazing landscape!!

Well, I had a good week, very exotic !!!

 Where can I go next time ?!! ^^


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