Closet Cleaning Therapy - UNF**K Your Closet

Scenario a month ago: 

It took that late night sonic BOOM to awaken my spirit. There I was making plans to clean out the garage this spring, and the loud boom from my closet reminded that I had to take care of my business first. This was my closet's cry for attention. Almost making its loudest statement, that it did not want to go one more day unnoticed. That loud crash was my world speaking. I heard. Now it was time to do accordingly. 

I was terrified. Nervously joking that I needed a "Clothes Anonymous" meeting. "Hi, my name is ... and I am attached to my clothes." Seriously contemplating therapy for my attachment to my closet possessions. How was I going to let go?

Yet, the wholesome voice in my head struck a chord, "Your 35 year old self, is no longer your 16, 20, 25 self!" That actualization finally was the start of letting go of that attachment. That authoritative voice clearly stated that "Let some one else fall in love with the closet possessions which are no longer being loved by you." The crazy talk strangely helped, for I was now over the hard part, which was opening up to the thought of finally letting go!

So I took one morning and completely emptied out my closet. I wanted to see an empty space. We were both starting anew. The ritual began when I put on every piece of clothing. It did not matter how time consuming this process was, for I knew the end goal ... letting go! 

I watched myself in the mirror. Finally, the awful truth, I saw what no longer fit or no longer was flattering. I was honest about what I would no longer wear or use. Also easily identifying what no longer matched my evolved personal style. Faded, GONE too! One of my clothes pet peeves, especially when I see women in faded clothes.  

During my how to let go quest, I drew advice from anywhere I could get it. Here was my therapy:

1. If you need the memory of something, then just take a picture. As ridiculous as this sounds, it made me feel even more ridiculous to feel so attached to something that I could not let it go.    

2. Clothes are relatively inexpensive. You can always get more. If you shop at thrift stores, rummage sales, or discount stores like Marshall’s, then you know that buying a few pieces of clothing is not that big of a deal. If you realize later that you really need something that you tossed, you can go get another without too much damage. (But I suspect this won’t happen) If you buy more expensive clothes, then you’ll save money by investing in classic rather than trendy pieces. And since no one needs a closetful of white blouses, you’ll save space too. (Even though I love whimsical colorful clothes, I think it’s time for me to move in the Frenchwoman direction.) - Source

3. 'Though this last suggestion was not needed, an online course, "Clear Your Home, Clear Your Life" was a final option. 

So maybe it's time for you too, to UNF**K YOUR CLOSET!

My Closet Organization Suggestions

1. Separate your wardrobe into separate types of clothing (i.e., tops, sweaters, jackets, dresses, skirts, and pants).
2. Color Code Closet - start with white.
3. Fold jeans and stack.

Additional Storage Ideas: 
4. 5 Drawer Mini Desktop Organizer - Costume Jewelry or Makeup
5. 3 Drawer Large Cart - Scarves, Swimwear, etc.
6. 3 Drawer Narrow Cart - Belts
7. Over the Door Shoe Storage - I have two, one has my sandals/flats and the other has my heels. My daughter has one which I store not only her shoes but belts, hair accessories, swimming goggles, etc.

... And just a lil' reminder

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