Trinidad Carnival 2008

Although I am not playing mas next year ... Trinidad Carnival is very much in the back of mind. I will miss you TRIBE! So here are some last minute websites to make your last minute planning alot easier.

No matter, when you decide to play mas, visit Trinidad Carnival Diary. Read Saucy Trini's Disclaimer: This blog is not intended to influence anyone to play with any one Carnival band over the other. This is a place to come and get a little carnival info (how ah buy it is how ah selling it), look at some costume pics, "listen" to me talk about mas and occasionally vent or speak my mind. Keep the comments clean, no insults as this despot will exercise the moderator privileges. Use with caution!

Feteing in T&T Carnival 2008 was created for those searching for Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2008 fete tickets. A reliable source for updated fete and all inclusives information and reasonable ticket prices for fetes such as:
**Brian Lara
**Diamond Vale Breakfast Party
**Sunny Side up-breakfast party
**CAREC aka Fete to de Max
**Headly All Inclusive- Salybia
** Beach House

FETES (VIP & General Admission)
**Machel - Alternative Concept
**GLOW/POSE-wear white
**UWI Splash
**Bacchanal Wed
**Girl Power
**After Carnival Boat Cruise (Treasure Queen)

If you are still interested in Trinidad Carnival 2008, visit Carnival Your #1 source for carnival classifieds. It has now mostly become an auction site where costumes are being sold to the highest bidder. Last minute, desperate masqueraders are no longer paying mas camp prices for a costume but exorbitant prices instead! ... Maybe there's a costume for you!
Costumes for Sale
Costumes Wanted
Events & Tickets

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