Cookbook Ste. Lucie

Cookbook Ste Lucie was published about 20 something years ago by Janet Sanford and Betty Anne White to raise money for the school feeding program. 

Jacky Field, who owns a condo in St.Lucia, found a copy of the old cookbook. She took it back to UK and spent about 2 years editing the cookbook, arranging for it to be printed and then she shipped 1000 copies to sell to raise money for charity. Sainsburys ( a grocery shop in UK) paid for the shipping.

All the proceeds will be divided between Pawasol pour Ti Mamai and The St Lucia Association for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (SLADD) which is the body that runs Dunnottar School.

"The St Lucia Association for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (SLADD) is almost entirely responsible for the systemised care and guidance of disabled children in the north of St Lucia. Unfortunately, disabilities are still seen as something of a stigma in St Lucia, so the SLADD was founded to challenge these views and give disabled children a chance to fulfill their potential. The charity acts as an umbrella organisation to allocate the funds it receives to three different outlets. The first of these is Dunnottar School which provides specialist tuition for children who are mentally and physically challenged." - 'As featured in The Definitive Caribbean Guide to SLADD'

The Cost of Cookbook Ste Lucie is EC$50 or US$20 per copy.

The editors would like to reiterate that the proceeds from the sale of this recipe book go entirely to the above charities mentioned above. Should you require any copies of this book, please contact directly any of the following persons.

Mrs Carolyn Archibald at Dunnottar School, St.Lucia.
Mrs Jacky Field:
Mr. Nigel Rainer:

or purchase directly from any of the following locations in St.Lucia:

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