St.Lucia Carnival 2008

Oooh ... what a fun time. Craziness!

The new route was all worth it!

I enjoyed my Carnival Tuesday Jump in Red Int'l, Rituals & Just 4 Fun

See you next year!



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  1. I was very disappointed with this years carnival because i was unable to jump.I coulddnt get my costume because the deadline date was final and i got at the place late.Athough the place was closed but ther were people inside and out.when i got there i spoke to some young men which worked there asking them about the due date to make last payment."They responded the palce close already and today thats the deadline".No of them made an effort to help me get my costume or to speak to the band leader.I couldnt get my coustume and also my money.I lost $300 just for not having time to pay the balance of $85.That band was ATLANTIS.i made a wrong decision.Next year not me