Take Flight

Woo .. my TRIBE carnival band registration jitters are all over. "Birds Of A Feather" ... get ready to flock together. LOL! This feather frenzy has left me seeing "feathers".
Click on image for larger view
1. Pink Accessories Feather Detail Elasticated Belt $30.65
2. Coast Feather Trim Clutch Bag $109.45
3. Ostrich Feather Dress $479
4. Spring Buzo Mini in Royal Feathers $202
5. Feather Print Tee $14.80
6. Atia of the Julii Earrings $26.10
7. Glitter Flower Feather Hairband $1.99
8. Feather & Flower Hair Comb $3.80
9. Ostrich Fan on Bamboo Staves $120

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  1. Hi Nyree-Your new site looks great!
    I always love to visit your blog-so many wonderful sights, ideas, and knowledge;)