Hot Girls from Brazilian Carnival 2010

Really this post is for the boysssss!

Then again, ladies, much inspiration for other carnivals in 2010. I'm thinking of a few more ... *evil grin*

... And more than enough time to think insane body, heels on the road or exceptionally decorated shoes for TRINIDAD Carnival 2011!

Want lots more Trinidad Carnival pics?


  1. ..........................

    i am beyond awed by the creativity i just witnessed. exotic headpieces and backpacks, colour scheme and coordination....tres magnifique! i especially liked the backpack w. sequins. i liked that the photographer wasnt biased in his/her pics and gosh the costumes are just nice. i esp liked that silver caged costume with the boots to match it, did u see them boots???

    caribbean band leaders, im all for local creativity to make ur mas distinctive but pleaase take some pointers from the brazilians!! :)

  2. Wow! Really hot! I say go for the decorated shoes! I think nice shoes will never fail us. :)