John Legend Shows Off HIs L.A Home

My 2013 theme screams 'ROMANTICISM', an age of revolutions and a psychological desire to escape from unpleasant realities.  ... And that also includes a transformation in the way I live and obviously how I live, starting with my home. I want to feel like I'm in an exotic hotel, with fresh flowers, with some sort of spa scented fragrance, sipping wine from fancy glasses and ever so happy to be in the space which I call, MINE. And this is where my other voice, my naughty voice chimes in with, "Oh, you FANCY Huh?" ... *singing Drake's FANCY*. Also reminding me of 

So I just had to share this video of John Legend discussing his Los Angeles home design inspirations which he shares with his fiancée, Christine Teigen. Picture slideshow.

See video of John Legend discussing his home ...

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