Low Tide at มุมอร่อย - Pattaya, Thailand VIDEO

On a recent third trip to Thailand, I visited Pattaya. In that past I've been to both Bangkok and Phuket which I am very much a fan of. As a child, growing up in St.Lucia, the meteorologist gave daily low tide and high tide times. I'm assuming St.Lucia sea water levels do drop, etc because I have never seen any real notable difference. Yet, I had to take this video at a Thai restaurant suggested by one of the local Thai employees at our hotel.  I wish I could tell you the restaurant's name because in Thai it looks like this มุมอร่อย . LOL.

Anyway I found this video and yes, this is the very restaurant we visited, it is the Moom Aroi Restaurant. Apparently the thai translation is the Delicous Corner. And so it is. Also here's a glimpse of it during high tide. LOL. 

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  1. Looks amazing, I can't wait for my trip in 2015! Any suggestions on hotels with an ocean view?