I'm 30 & I Embalm Dead Bodies For A Living

The first post I shared this morning on Facebook was the following video of this 30 year old mortician and her experiences in the funeral business. 

I even chose to go a step further and WhatsApp'd my daughter a link to it. She already thinks I'm a weirdo so I did not know what her reaction would have been sharing a morbid video when only eleven years old, "who's thinking about death?" 

By the time we met in the kitchen this morning on our way out the house, she was delighted by the young lady in the video, Miranda. So the video went over well. 

This under 7 minute video provides a lesson about "LIVING" and certainly has me focused on putting a little more effort on how I walk out my house. At any moment we may make an entrance to the other side. 

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