BLACK is Gold or A Little BLACK Magic!

Just over the last 2 weeks, check out the numerous celebs rockin' all black ensembles! This trend reminds me of my 2004 visit to Sydney, Australia. Sydney show windows were decorated with mannequins dressed in ALL black. Very dark, yet classic not goth! 

I even vowed to change my wardrobe to all black which reminds me ... my first year in college I called a psychic hotline (*thinking that bill was crazy, never did that again!*), anyway she told me I needed more color in my wardrobe. Back then I loved black and brown. Now I hate brown and think women of color should stay away from it. It's just dull! Anyway, maybe I'll try falling in love with BLACK again!

Why black never goes out of style from people on the streets
New York Fashion Week

Black Accessories
Black Clothes
Black Shoes

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