Caribbean. Conservation. Chic.

It's a pity that it would take a Jamaican citizen, a reluctant American resident and now a temporary St. Lucian expatriate to make my home country so colorful and charming! Nonetheless, this blogger is chronicling her six months grad school internship in St. Lucia & other islands with such flare! "The Caribbean for the geographically deficient," in her words. Working on biodiversity conservation via protected areas.

But that's simply not it, "Then there's cotton skirts, white shirts, silk dresses, thrifted pieces, fabric. Necklaces. Purses. Cut. Colour. Construction. Style. Rants, raves, commentary and photos." 

Oh those simple, yet superb photos take us to the streets, every lil' nook and cranny of St.Lucia, revealing our rich culture and forgotten tastes!

photos below taken from her site

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