SLU Carnival 2011: Just 4 Fun Band Launch

Friday was enough of a disappointment since Red Unlimited chose not to live stream their band launch due to the weather. The belief was that if it was live streamed, there would be no need for revelers to attend the event. The RED launch has supposedly been recorded for a later broadcast.

So I would never imagine that I would spend a Saturday night, waiting for Just 4 Fun's band launch. I did. It's Sunday 12:21 in the morning, and I am still waiting on to stream Just 4 Fun's band launch.  Still excusing, the late start ... 'cause I am all too familiar with island people's idea of time.

... But how can Party Access share this Facebook invite which clearly states a starting time of 8PM? Ok, so 8PM is ridiculous, but I'd even settle for a 10PM start time. Actually I attempted to log on to their site about that time.

When I got to the Party Access site at 10PM, the 'ENTER HERE' got me nowhere 
... nothing was happening!

After numerous attempts clicking on 'enter here' to no avail, I got fed up and opted to try accessing their live stream via the Party Access facebook page. Whew. It's now 12:25AM, and it's been 3 of us from the time I logged on at 10PM. Maximum people who've logged on all night, a RECORD 4! If the reason for the lack of viewers is due to the inability for people to access the 'ENTER HERE' on the Party Access site tonight  ... SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!  WHO WILL EVERYONE BLAME? 

12:44PM  ... BBM from a friend at the J4F launch, "Costumes coming now!"
She was kind enough to give me some insight on the costumes. 

1:12 PM ... J4F costumes have all been revealed. 

... And I still sit here, only two of us now.  At no point throughout the night did Party Access have the courtesy to tell us 4, then 3, TWO, what might have been the issue. Truthfully, this band launch weekend has been a FLOP! I think in Twitterland  '#EPICFAIL' sums it up.  Certainly, anti-climatic for all of us revelers overseas, depending on the live stream.   

How can we ask people to visit our shores for carnival, and this is how we represent ourselves? Lucian Carnival ... we're not ready yet! We fail to realize people have far better options. There's even Cropover and Caribana around the same time also. Tonight, a total waste! So, I headed to Facebook and got this message forty minutes ago from a friend who was one of the 3 awaiting the live stream:

"So as expected ... a waste of time. Just got a message, "no internet access".
SMH ... apparently the forward thinking mentality is not as common as we expect it to be."

UPDATE: Responses from friends at the launch:
Another friend: Just 4 Fun kill RED!
My girl: She has her eyes on 2 sections and told me, we must do one of them!

Just 4 Fun Band Launch Pictures

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