SLU Carnival 2011: RED Unlimited's Carnival Band Launch

What ever happened to the LIVE streaming of RED Unlimited 2011 carnival band launch yesterday?

It was part of my plan to get over the early morning Royal Wedding so that I could spend the night watching a much anticipated Red Unlimited's 2011 carnival band launch.  'Though it seemed to be a day of mixed messages. By 3PM, I was hopeful that the band launch would be streamed, but got confirmation that made it sound as if the decision not to stream the launch had nothing to do with weather.

So I am truly hoping the launch was recorded to be broadcasted later. I will say this is disappointing because the LIVE streaming of any band launch along with the chat room excitement and frenzy is a big factor in helping people decide whether they will come to St.Lucia for carnival.

My day of RED messages:

11:23 AM
ScruffyTV: Join us tonight on Channel 4 at from 9:00pm for the live broadcast of RED Unlimited's 2011 Launch.

12:07 PM
ScruffyTV: Please note that due to the inclement weather we will not be able to broadcast live RED Unlimited's 2011 Launch tonight. We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE LAUNCH IS STILL 100% ON SO MAKE SURE YOU'RE THERE IN FULL FORCE! RED SOLDIERS NAH FRAID RAIN!

2:47 PM:
RED Unlimited: Rain? A true R3D soldier would know at this point that rain can never stop de show! On Carnival Monday & Tuesday we actually INVITE rain. We thrive on it! That being said, the show will be held INSIDE OF GAIETY (INDOORS). I know persons are maybe familiar with R3D Ignites being on the outside but no...not this year! It's inside folks! 

9:30ish PM
TheSweet7: Greggar (ScruffyTV)... man, I was so disappointed with you not streaming Red tonight. Anyway your weather pics helped. Things look bad again. Anyway I'll forgive you. ... but I still hoping since it's now in doors, you surprise me! LOL! Take care.

11:30ish PM
Greggar Deterville (owner of Scruffy): Nyree wasn't my decision hun will be recording for broadcast later

12:02 AM

12:18 AM
BBM from a friend: Someone from RED said it's on ScruffyTV.

4:02 AM
I awake to this 12:18AM BBM, slightly annoyed that I may have missed the online stream.  So I am hoping it was recorded for rebroadcast. Anyway I am greeted to this one RED 2011 costume picture from one of the band leaders, captioned "REDemption ... RED HERRING"

What an anti-climatic RED launch compared to previous years!

I look forward to Just 4 Fun's band launch tonight. (info to follow)

UPDATE on April 30th:

I read your post regarding the web streaming and thought I should offer an explanation. We had every intension on streaming live. Digicel was providing the wireless internet connection to facilitate the stream. However, the continuous rainfall made it impossible to install the wireless repeater @ Gaiety. We were forced to explain this to Scruffy after we received his advert. Scruffy tv recorded the event to broadcast at a later date. I assume he will announce when the launch will be played. Hope that helps to clear this issue. Feel free to contact me should you require information regarding the band.


MacNaughton Mc.Lean
(RED Band Leader)

From another credible source: They made the decision not to stream it because it was raining and they were afraid people would not come out to the show if it was streamed. They are working to put the video online today.

See RED 2011 Costumes here

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