Rise Miami Shine NYC Fete Pictures

Rise Miami Shine NYC is very much a NYC fete crowd. I liked the historic Virginia Key Beach venue. In 1945, Virginia Key Beach was established as the only public beach for the “exclusive use of Negroes” in Miami-Dade County. Despite feting, a walk to the seashore, my husband who is a Miami native informed me.

The newer venue is so much more spacious than the 2010 venue in the America's Backyard, in Fort Lauderdale. Better yet, was the ease of parking, though a Virginia Beach parking fee. This is also a very long fete, it started from 6am to 3pm. So there was no need to get there too early, and yet no need to stay there all day even if you go early. So I left by 1pm and headed to Wet Willie's on South Beach, only to meet more random Caribbean people living in the US.  Also I am a fan the DJ D'Bandit who always makes an appearance here.

My one complaint which I wish promoters would understand, not because I paid for VIP means I want to be constrained in VIP. ... And I say so, cause at this fete, I could not leave the VIP area with my (free, let me say, my already paid for) drink!

See more pictures here ...
One really smart man!

Loved her top!

One of my favorite DJs ... my friend D'Bandit!

  Loved this outfit!

TJJ in the house!

Carnival Monday wear ideas ... 

  This fete was huge!  
  Not too happy about being taken a picture of  ... my  face and finger say it all!

... And though I left by 1pm, these ladies were walking in! I had to take a picture. 


  1. LOL at your finger!
    I didn't say till the end either... It was sooooo humid and sticky, goodness and I needed to go pick up my costume, hee hee.
    Huge fete for real.
    The things that were going on! Lol.
    Where we were liming, a guy was swinging in the tree carrying and wining to Mr Vegas' "Bruk it Dung". LOL, then he fell out of the tree.
    Jokes for days.
    The outfits ... the OUTFITS at Shine!!! :O
    We had a good time, but I would do VIP next time just to escape the the heat.

  2. Funny Gabrielle. I totally know what you mean. The shoes were out of this world too, esp for a beach scene!